Help! BSOD!

By CharlieBravo
Jan 25, 2007
  1. This isn't your average BSOD. I know what it is,the problems. The problem is,I don't know how to fix it!

    All I've heard so far,is that I need to use a winXP cd and run /chkdsk or something,for my BSOD error "Unmountable boot volume" However,I have a HP computer which does not come with a windowsXP cd or anything. Instead,I have to do download the windows boot disk and put it on 6 floppies. Problem: My broken computer does not support floppies...which is kind of my fault because I customed ordered it not to.. So I was wondering,is there any way I could run the program,without going into the computer(Cause I can't,not even safe mode)or buying a new windows CD,or re-configuring my computer (Lengthy process).

    Maybe there is a program out there you could direct me to? That could work like a windows XP bootdisk
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