Help choosing nVidia card for MCE Puter.

By jsmileb
Apr 11, 2006
  1. I would like some help putting together a nice Medi Center box. No games and I mean none. Have experience with an old GeForce MX440, and the feature package that came with it is great. Allows transparent taskbar, and windows. Also has some mouse pointer features. I currently have an ATI card, 600SE. Works fine, supports my 16X9 monitor. But I cannot find the same features on the ATI card.

    New build is an Intel RAID board, 820 Pentium D, with a Hauppauge video capture board. PCI-Express video.

    Will be used to surf net, play an occasional TV show through the S video port, Word process, spreadsheet, stock trading, photo sorting. I do not think any of these functions are high demand.

    Is the feature package that my old Dell 8200 has standard with nVidia? Is it a downloadable add-on? Just find I have gotten used to the transparency features, etc. Do not like my newer 9100 as much as the old 8200. But the 9100 serves a Media Center box for now.

    HELP, Please.
  2. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    If you absolutley love the transparency, and ect ect. You could use a 3rd party skinning program, but it will eat up all your resources and imo they're crap. If you have a nvidia geforce card, you are able to download there Geforce drivers inwhich gives you the ability in windows xp to do transparent windows and everything. So along as you get a nvidia card and use there drivers(you'll have too) you can experiance their features. I hate ati's catalyst or w/e the hell its called control panel, go Nvidia please! :grinthumb ;)
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