Help! Crappy old computer! Dark monitor!

By dalamas2000
Dec 11, 2004
  1. My girlfriend has a comutper that is almost seven years old, and it's beginning to show it's age. It has this problem, I have been trying to rectify, but I am running out of ideas, and it is what I have feared.
    First things first, it's OS is Windows 98, and has a pentium 2 I think.
    And the problem is that the monitor is dark very dark. It's not the monitor, and it's not the vid card, or so I am told both of thosehave been replaced. SO that leaves me with but one choice. It's the mother board. My question is, is this merely a bad socket on the moter board, or is this a signof a deep rooted problem, with possible expensive implications? Themonitor is very very dark.
    some oneplease help!!
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    I've never heard of a motherboard interefering with the brightness on the monitor...

    I figure you've tried to increase the brightness on the monitor, change the contrast, change the colour temperature, and increase the brightness through the driver?

    If so, have you tried updating the video card drivers? Some cards can have a very dark colour, but later drivers can have added settings to increase the brightness.

    If you could find out what video card it is, and what monitor it is, it'd help us figure out what could be the cause...

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