HELP! Curious George playing with laptop

By flashking
Jan 13, 2005
  1. I was curious so I took out the PIII Intel processor on my Arm laptop and placed it back in. Now my laptop does not boot to OS. When it starts, the laptop's fan starts but not post. Is there any reason why this would happen. Settings that I screwed up. I even tried to boot to BIOS but no go. I have another exact model laptop that I can test some theories with if I need to.
  2. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie

    are you getting any sort of error messages, either on screen or audible (i.e., a series of beeps or some sort)?
  3. flashking

    flashking TS Rookie Topic Starter

    none what soever. I called arm techsupport and they had no idea.
  4. techdiagmandude

    techdiagmandude TS Rookie

    Try resetting the cmos ( If you see one ) On that labtops PCB.
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