Help finding a good case plz

By TacticalFlow
Jan 22, 2005
  1. Ok im looking for a case also and i found these 2 are my final ones BUT i dont know to much about what makes a good case so maybe you guys can help me out.. First i think good cooling helps right? This one has 5 fans and you also need a good psu.. Im willing to spend that much tho if its worth it..

    I dont know if antec makes good psu's. The prices is pretty high but it might be worth the money? I dont think i need 500watts anyways.. Im getting 6800gt amd64 3200+ or 3500+ on nforce4 or asus..

    The other case is the one that harrack52 suggested

    Post away!
  2. ellomoto

    ellomoto TS Rookie

    Hi there,

    Can you check your links because im getting page expired/does not exist...

    Thanks :slurp:
  3. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    You asked if Antec is a good PSU? That is the only PSU i like to use. They are a bit pricey but i have never had problems with them. But thats just my opinon

    Sean :darth:
  4. TacticalFlow

    TacticalFlow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

  5. ellomoto

    ellomoto TS Rookie


    This looks like a nice case..

    Pros of this case - aluminium, good airflow, good look

    Only thing i noticed from reading around is that not all the fans have filters especially the 120mm intake, however this is easily solved...

    Post some pictures when you have finished...

  6. TacticalFlow

    TacticalFlow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Ok so i made my final thought and im ordering the aspire..

    So theres a problem with the intake eh? I hear you can put mesh?

    Can you show me or tell me how to solve the problem.. I dont want all these dust in there and plus my house is very dusty

    PS i choose the all black aspire from the link i posted. You can check the pics and stats there..
  7. ellomoto

    ellomoto TS Rookie

    You can get fan filters with mesh built in especially for the job...

    By the way the black aspire is deffinately the best colour option...
  8. fishhookz

    fishhookz TS Rookie Posts: 79

    No how-to necessary. The filter mesh is just a piece of foam that gets sandwiched between the case and the fan. It's quite cheap.
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