help hooking up linksys routers and switch

By sean11784
Sep 18, 2007
  1. Hi I currently have a wireless linksys router hooked up to a linksys switch. i now want to hook up another router to it. how can i do this. i was told that i first have to go into the second(new) router and change the ip address to and then disable dchp and then hit save. this is all done at the set up page. my question is here. i have a linksys wireless router WKPC54G hooked up to a linksys switch ezxs55w, i now want to connect the linksys switch to a linksys router befsr41. i have port three of the wireless router connected to port 1 of the switch. here is the question. can i take a cable from port 2 of the switch and connect it to port 1 of the second router (the sr41) and then use the remaining ports of that router to go to other computers. i was told i should take a cable from the uplink port on the switch to the internet port on the second router and then i can use the other router ports for computers. and i was also told i can go from any available ports 1,2...etc form the swithch to any ports1,2,etc to the second router. i have two computers on the first router and one computer and one printer on the switch. i want to be able to print from all the computers even the new ones i plan to hook up to the second router. i was told the best way was to use an available switch port to any of the numbered ports of the new router. and not use the uplink port of the sitch or the internet port of the second router. please lt me know the best way. thanks
  2. raybay

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    Why do you want to add another router... A switch plugged into the current switch is the better choice.
  3. sean11784

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    because i already have the second router. it is going to be used on the second floor of my home. i have a cable run through the wall from port 2 on the switch on the first floor to a jack in the middle bedroom of the house. i want to take that second router and plug the cable from the wall jack which is plugged into port 2 of my switch to a port on the second router which would give me three more ports to use for computers on the second floor. i already have jacks in the second floor bedrooms that i ran through the attic.
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