Help looking at highjiackthis log

By trbone
May 6, 2009
  1. hello,
    I'm trying to get rid of iexplore.exe running in the background that is very annoying. I don't even use Internet explorer. I've found using sysinternals processexplorer to see that windows explorer is spawning this somehow. Could anyone give me a clue based on the highjackthis log as to what needs to be cleaned or fixed? Thanks for the help
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,122

    Your Hijackthis log looks clean. A few things found:

    A newer version of service pack is available. Service packs increase the safety of your system. Visit Microsoft's windows update site to download the newest version of the service pack.
    It seems that you don't use an anti-virus scanner or your scanner is not active. Only an anti-virus scanner can protect you against new viruses.
    We didn't detect any active process of a firewall on your system. Reasons maybe:
    (1.) You are using the windows firewall or a hardware firewall.
    (2.) You are using a firewall of an unknown vendor.
    (3.) You are using a firewall, but for unknown reasons it is disabled
    (4.) You don't use any firewall at all.
    We recommend you to use a firewall. Download and install one or activate windows xp´s own one. You can download the free Zone Alarm and see what programs are attempting to access the internet. If something is using Internet Explorer then Zone Alarm will let you know.
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