Help me upgrade my BIOS

By herlepras
Dec 28, 2005
  1. Help me upgrade my BIOS for my mercury PI845GLM-AGP MOBO

    HELP!!,windows xp restarts with a blue screen all of a sudden.
    the BSOD says it 's a STOP error and then restarts.

    I learned that this was a stop error and the microsoft error analysis web told me to upgrade my bios.
    My processor is Intel P4 1.5 Ghz .
    My motherboard is Mercury PI845GLM-AGP V5.0. My BIOS is AMI.
    so i dowloaded from
    i dowloaded the BIOS FILE ENDING WITH .ROM from mercury website.{}

    i inserted a dos boot cd.
    and typed
    it starts up but says
    "no flash support press any key to quit"
    what am i supposed to do???????

    How do i upgrade if i get the above there another way.
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