Help meh with the lagggggg :<...(please :D)

By KittyforFoxie
Sep 11, 2005
  1. Well uhm lets to begin...ok...I have a new computer, its a dell Oo;....and uhm it has like..200 something gigs and a good video card, its just wonderful ok? lol a good internet connection as well...anyways...i have half life 2 and it plays it good, not much lagging at all..but when i get on counter strike: source or Half life 2: deathmatch the lag is unrivaled in all the there anything i can do to...stop the lag o_o...or could someone explain to me why the lag is there if everything i have is nice and new and fast? *sobs uncontrolably* :(
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Do you know what model dell you have? And any other pertinent specs, like the ram amount, cpu speed/model, video card model/make/version, etc?

    You could be low on ram, or maybe your video card isn't up to the task depending on the model.
  3. KittyforFoxie

    KittyforFoxie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

    This is my Video Card.
    504 MB of RAM
  4. vnf4ultra

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    Ok, the intel 915g chipset has a built in graphics chip, so if your using the built in intel graphics, then that would explain the lag. Built in graphics (Aka "integrated") are the worst you can get(for gaming), but I think you should have a pci express graphics card slot available if you're using the integrated.

    If that's the case, then you just need to buy a decent pci-e graphics card and install it, and you should be good to go. There are so many choices, that I won't suggest one yet without knowing what your budget is, cards can cost from $30-600+(usd).

    Also, the second bad thing about integrated graphics is that they use your system ram(usually 32-128mb) as graphics ram, so you then have less system ram available while using the integrated graphics.

    I'd suggest that you should have about 1gb+ of total ram, if you want to game.
  5. KittyforFoxie

    KittyforFoxie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    :3 Thank yew i will look into it further
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