HELP! My CSS lags too much!

By munch2477
Jul 6, 2007
  1. So I used to play counterstrike source all the time last year with no problems. Now it starts out ok for 5 mins, then it just starts lagging whenever there is a lot of activity. When it is just me running around the game with run great but when there is action everything slows down a lot. This never used to happen. I tried upgrading my RAM to 2GB but that did nothing to help. I would really appreciate any help. Its not my internet either cuz my ping is usually single digits when i play or under 20. I think it might be somthing with the settings but I am far from an expert. I just want to get back out there and work people again. Thanks
  2. mopar man

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  3. munch2477

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    Thanks a lot. Unfortunately I'm at work so I can't do anything right now but it looks like a lot of stuff I have not tried.

    Do you know if you can upgrade a video card for a Dell Inspiron 6000? I am not sure if my graphics card is good enough. My CSS was working a year ago with the same graphics card perfectly. After the updates to source, could this mean that I might need to upgrade my card? Thanks again
  4. Leesh

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    maybe do a clean install of your operating system (not a repair), works wonders
  5. munch2477

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    Sorry im a big ***** when it comes to this stuff. I have windows xp home edition. How would i do a clean install?
  6. DarkDobe

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    Oddly enough, I've found with source games that setting your sound quality to the minimum makes a HUGE difference in the playability of the game, CS Source being the one where this saved me the most trouble.
  7. munch2477

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    OK ive tried everything now i feel like. I did a video stress test and my fps is 64.2 or something. I have noticed that whenever my computer fan starts kicking up my gameplay really slows down for a few seconds. It gets really choppy. I feel the bottom of my computer and its really hot. Could it be that my machine is overheating? I just installed new ram and it seems like that is the hottest spot to the touch. What can i do to fix this if this is the problem. Thanks
  8. Condor

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    get a better video card man, i mean a really good one along with a good cpu and power supply to fuel those hardware needs.
    you need to ask around for upgrade parts if you're really into heavy graphic gaming.

    CSS make every sec count, a slight slow down would ruined your aim. So consider upgrading your system while taking your time investing the parts that work for you best. =] gl
  9. munch2477

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    Yeah i know ultimately I would have to upgrade my whole system. The thing that just irritates me is that I used to play css on my same laptop a year ago and it would work perfectly. I would never get any lag. Now after tweaking a bunch of things i can run at only about 40 fps and every minute or so i will get serious fps spikes and i will drop down to under 10 fps for a few seconds. Im just looking for anything that can help with my current machine. Afterall, i am in college and money is tight.

    Secondly, is it even possible to update my video card? I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, 1.86 ghz 2 gb ram, ati radeon mobility x300, 80 gb hard drive, and a backup 120 gb external hard drive. If anyone knows where i can get a good upgrade for my computer let me know please!
  10. munch2477

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    OK quick update. I thought it could be a heat issue so before i went out and bought a cooling pad i tried it on an air conditioning vent that was on the floor. Sure enough my fps went all the way up to 100-120 IN GAME! If anyone has a similar problem you should definitely look into buying a cooling pad for your laptop. Thanks for your help
  11. beef_jerky4104

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    Glad you solved your issue :).
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