HELP! My laptop just keeps shutting off..

By xxprittykittyxx
Nov 9, 2007
  1. I purchased a refurbished Toshiba Tecra 9100 off of ebay two years ago. When I bought it the battery didn't really hold a charge and so I would always use it plugged into the wall. A couple months ago I had to replace the powercord because it was coming apart... and didnt have any problems with it until a couple days ago when my computer just shut off when I was in the middle of using it. I turned it back on and didnt have a problem after that. The next day it shut off several times in a row and then wouldnt even turn on for long enough to get to the windows screen even though it was plugged into the wall. I thought it was the new cord I bought so I switched back to the old one. I had no problems for a several hours with the old cord until finally it started shutting off for no reason again. I tried the newer cord again and still had the same problem. What could be causing this? Do I need a battery replaced ? or is it some kind of virus? PLEASE HELP! thanks...
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    Remove the battery and see if the laptop powers normally. If it does, the battery is shorted and it will need to be replaced, or left out of the laptop permanently
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