Help needed removing possible trojan

By gopher33
Jan 6, 2008
  1. recently I have been experiencing some bad effects on my computer and was hoping that some one here could help me. a little info about my problem: a few weeks ago i received a notice to upgrade to Norton Internet Security 2008, which I did. a few days later I began getting messages from Norton that my email was unable to be sent with the error code 1003,11. the problem was that i was not sending any email and the only email I use on my computer is hotmail so I don't send email from an SMPT server. I proceeded to run Norton Anti-Virus and Windows Defender. Each program came up with various Trojan files which they then fixed, however this did not end my problem. as soon as my computer connected to the internet it began sending the emails again. I then got on the net and began researching this problem and didn't find an adequate solution. In the mean time I've run Housecall virus scan which found nothing and AVG which found more Trojan files. I should also mention that after running the scans any subsequent scans turned up nothing. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Also I am on Windows XP SP2 and will post a log file from Hijackthis.
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