Help opening up a Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Any advice helpful...

By irish80122
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Recently my laptop cooling fan has started this thing where it makes a sound much like if a CPU fan was rubbing up against a wire, which worries me. I am not sure how serious it is or what I should do about it but it is starting to make me nuts. I think the fan is running more than it used to but I really don't know as I wasn't able to hear it in the past! I guess my options are to either take my laptop in and have it looked at or (if I am brave) open it up myself. I know that taking it in will cost 80 dollars for an overall checkup and thne they will credit that towards anything that needs to be done. What should I do? I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Has anyone taken one of these apart before? I just don't know how serious this is.
  2. snafu

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    not recommmended

    I would strongly suggest not opeing it yourself. I had the same problem and it was a huge pain in the ***. For some ungodly reason Toshiba decided to place the fan underneath everything in the very corner of the machine so you have to take the whole stupid thing apart (took me almost 2 hours) to get at the fan. Why they wouldnt make a little compartment at the bottom of the machine is a mystery but thats the way it is.

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    On the Satellite models there are 1 or 2 (can't remember) screws on the bottom. These are holding a dome shaped panel onto the rest of the case. This panel comes off to reveal the fan. I recently cleaned out my fan like this.

    Note: You will void your warranty by doing this.
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    What am I missing

    I have a Toshiba Satilitte Im trying to open, its close but appears to still have a few hidden screws holding it. Any hints as to where these might be/
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