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By ZornTribune
Nov 19, 2008
  1. Hello I need some help about my flash drive.

    I have a flash drive with the Scard slot, to plug in Scards and use them as storage. Now, I guess I have the WORST freaking luck with USBs because this is the third one that has now malfunctioned. The problem is is that I don' t have anymore and this sucker was quite pricy. So here is the problem (btwn I did read the stickied thread about flash drives), all my files are missing from the flash drive, but my computer reads the drive fine. The name doesn't display, but there isn't anything to view. I CAN save to it which makes it all the more strange. I saved a simple text file and was able to pull it back. If I look at the properties of the flash drive it says that I have 500 mb used and 3.25 free space. So I KNOW the data is still there but I can not get it to come back for the life of me. It has ALL of my college work on it for the past two and a half years. I usually backup everything onto my desktop, but not even a week ago I had to reformat due to a very nasty rootkit virus I obtained. Now I have a lot of registry errors that seem to keep freezing my computer. ANyways, off subject, the point and question is any suggestions from the masters? I have looked at some flash drive recovery options, such as the one in the stickied thread "PC recovery inspector", but it only brings back pictures and media. I have HTML, VB, Flash, and tons of the etc files to try and bring back.

    BTWN the PC recovery inspector WAS able to bring back MANY if not all of the Jpeg pictures on the flash drive, so I believe it is possible to get the data back, I just can't figure out how and what program would recover everything.

    Sorry for the long thread I'm just really freaking out right now. LoL
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