HELP setting installing motherboard and case pleaseeee!

By awsman892
Feb 10, 2006
  1. I have a K8V se asus motherboard, and i just bought the aspire x-dreamer case. I cant get the front buttons to work(pwr sw,reset sw, +p led, -p led, and h.d.d led) I really need help with this guys please someone help me!!! if any1 could just tell me where to plug those ones into the motherboard on the bottem right it would be really good thanks
  2. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    The motherboard manual that came with the motherboard has directions on how to connect the wires. If you do not have the manual you can down load it from the motherboard website.
  3. awsman892

    awsman892 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did that and it didnt help
  4. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    Have you checked the wires coming from the case. They may have pulled lose. If you can try the board in another case and see if you can power the board up.
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