help with analyzing a minidump

By tech4u
Jul 27, 2007
  1. was wondering if anyone could help me analyze the following crash dump file? This is an Optiplex GX270. Restarted on its own a little while ago and gave a message about the system recovering from a serious error.
  2. tech4u

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    one more dump file

    system did it again, so I've included the 2nd dump file.
  3. peterdiva

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    You'll need to post a few more dump files. Have you added any new hardware recently, e.g. RAM? Any overclocking?
  4. tipstir

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    Unplug the system Remove the heatsink CPU fan and push down gentle on the CPU a few seconds. Then put back the heatsink and CPU fan back on. If that still doesn't work you might have 1 or 2 faulty devices.

    1. CPU
    2. MOBO
    or 3. RAM

    Somehow on these DELL OP models from 200 right up still have this sort of problem. I remember replacing on for user who told me when she was in Windows the system would just shutdown or reboot. Replace the MOBO still did it replace the CPU seem to fix it. But you really can't tell which one. I just order what I need the user never put in service request again.. Case solved..

    Do a file search for *.dmp files and delete them off your system You don't need those anymore. You can also turn off this feature under the System Devices Manager under advance, then startup and recovery.
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