Help with Dell INspiron 600m....

By mlbpaguy26
Nov 24, 2005
  1. Hello there. Yes, I am brand new to this site. But, I have a question that i'd love some feedback on. As the title says, I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop... I've had it about 2.5 years. Now, I was wondering how I could get the graphics to just run a bit better. I have a 64MB ATi Mobility Radeon.. its not much i konw. In the past, i've been able to run games fairly well, including Half Life 2, but sometimes things are just choppy. Im not looking for some drastic improvement here because I know thats impossibe... but just anything to help me out a bit would be greatly appreciated. I downloaded the Ati Catalyst 5.11 thing but im having trouble installing it... can anyone help me out. Happy thanksgiving
  2. DonNagual

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    I feel your pain. There is nothing like wanting to play a game, and having your system choke on it. Let me say it for you, GRRRRRR!!!!

    The graphics card on your system can not be upgraded. That is one of the drawbacks of laptops (although this is changing, and some newer ones do offer upgradable video cards).

    But what you CAN do is upgrade your ram, and this does help in game performance. How much ram do you have in there now? Go to the dell site, and search for your system and ram upgrades.

    As for your driver, I'd go directly through dell and download the driver for your video card through their site if you aren't already.
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