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By Quality Rope
Jul 16, 2015
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  1. Hi, I have been having problems running games like Rust, Broforce, and Block N' Load, even at their lowest settings, yet I can run games like Skyrim (albeit at a lower graphical setting then the norm), and TF2 with almost absolutely no problem.

    Here are my specs:
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70 GHz
    Installed Memory (RAM) 6GB
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    So if you have any tips for running games with at a higher performance, I would appreciate a reply.
  2. Tsjeuke

    Tsjeuke TS Rookie

    What's your graphics card? And btw TF2 is almost 8 years old so it's normal that you can run it :D
    What you already can do is go Start->Right Click Computer->Advanced Settings->Advanced->Performance Settings->Visual Effects->Best Performance

    Than also: Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Power Options->High Performance

    You can also close some unnecessary services.
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  3. ETF Soldier

    ETF Soldier TS Guru Posts: 377   +81

    There are many programmes out there that can auto-optimise your game performance for your hardware, I always did it then adjusted that to get a little more out of it.

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