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By zach203
Jan 30, 2008
  1. Is it possible to create a home network that doesn't require internet access and that can share files and printers.

    this is my setup

    Computer-router and printer (not wirelss integrated) XP

    laptop (wifi card of course) Vista

    computer with compatible wireless usb XP

    i have all of them connected to the network, just can't get files shared and printer working.
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    the systems would be wired like
     (your isp) modem --- systemA --- systemB
    for a wired connection using ICS on systemA. System-B could deny Internet access by closing ports 25,80,110,143,443

    The wireless connection to systemB requires an Access Point or a Wireless router
    to be added like
    (your isp) modem --- systemA ---w/router ..... systemB
    (your isp) modem --- systemA 
                  + --- w/router  .....  systemB
    I assume you really wish to DENY systemB internet access (eg: kids system)
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    i don't need to deny internet access because i have dial up. I just need help integrating a wired and wireless network. for know i am trying to setup just file sharing. Does that require a highspeed conection?
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    Dial up?
    WXP has a built in help for networks, and they do not need any internet. Look at all the material in My Network Places. Setting up three computers is quite easy. After three, it becomes a lot more complex.
    There are also several free info places online... Be sure you fully understand the rules for setting up a network... or get Networking for Dummies from the library.
  7. zach203

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    okay i've tried to set it up my self. i created a workgroup. then when i try to acces the other computers on that workgroup it says i don't have permission. i also don't know where the folders are because one is vista and the other two are xp
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    for vista see this

    even with dial-up, you need to control which IP addresses can access your File Shares.
    Studies have shown that it takes only 15-30 seconds of connect time for attacks to begin.
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