Help with MP# flash drive

By donk6950
May 24, 2007
  1. I just aquired a Chinese iPod nano knock off with 8 gig capacity. I was having some troubles with it and inadvertantly reformatted the disk. What was originally and 8 gig capacity is now 0.5 gig. Can anyone help me recover this lost space?
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  3. donk6950

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    Help with MP3 flash drive

    Thanks for the info, Tedster. I have and old Windows 98 unit that I can try some of the tricks you mentioned.
  4. donk6950

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    Just an update on my progerss: I played around with my MP3 player on a Win 98 system and now I believe it is totally fried! On a couple of occasions Win 98 automatically rebotted and I didn't disconnect the MP3 player. Now the unit is not recognized on any computer that I plug it into. I think I have to toss this one unless anyone has soem other ideas to try.
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