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By jamie.benstead
Jun 11, 2005
  1. I posted on here before about putting together a new computer for a freind and it not working. Well after getting a new mobo I found out it was the CPU that was broke, so yeah got a new one works fine. Now the problem is when I turn it on says windows cannot load maybe due to new hardware (didn't change the harddrive). If I click continue to load it starts to load and restarts. And if I put windows install disk in it loads all install files and then when it says Installer is starting windows computer just freezes. Does anyone know anything? Thanks
  2. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

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    no for ur problem di u try formating ur hdd before re-installing, also are u getting any error message or BSOD when u are installing,

    and before formatting just try out memtest it is available in the following website

    between if u dont have a floppy drive download the ISO version and burn it in a cd and run the test
  3. Grok451

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    If you replaced the motherboard on a working system, chances are you need to reinstall Windows, unless the new motherboard is very similar to the original.
  4. jamie.benstead

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    Yeah its a totally different mobo. I know I will have to reinstall windows but when I try to it will load the files of the cd and when it gets the to part where it says Installer is loading windows, it will freeze. So what can I do?
    How do I re format a harddrive without going through windows?
  5. Grok451

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    Are you booting from the Windows install CD to do the re-installation? If so, your hard disk shouldn't be the reason you're freezing. What mobo and processor are you building on?
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