Help with sound

By Leishy
Nov 22, 2002
  1. Hey everyone,

    I need some help with my sound....
    I have Win XP
    and Creative SOund blaster 5.1

    What i need help with is....I chat in yahoo..and for those who are familiar with yahoo, knows that it has voice. I want to be able to have my heaphones and mic on...but play music from my the room so everyone can i dont have to unplug my headphones then switch it over to speakers then put my mic in front of the speakers....I know there is a way it can be done...i have gone through all the settings yada yada.....there must be something that i just need to check or uncheck...

    If someone could spare the time to go through all the settings for Xp and help me with would be greatly appriciated..or know of a site that will take me through everything i need to do...i want to be able to go through all the settings and make sure i have everything checked or unchecked properly...

    thanks for your time
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