Help with The Sims 2 - Please!

By nessykins86
Sep 3, 2005
  1. Hi!

    I am hoping that someone can help me with the issues that I am having with The Sims 2.

    The Sims 2 was previously installed on this computer and ran with no issues at all; but now, since my fiancee has got a new computer and I've received this one, the game doesn't want to run; it installs ok; but, it won't let me enter into "Pleasantview" but, I can enter "Veronaville"; I can create my sim; but, after I select a house that I wish to purchase; the loading screen for my family appears as normal; but then my screen flickers and I get red bars across my screen - I've taken a screen dump of this if it helps anyone and I can send it on request so that you may help me with this issues. But, then, it won't proceed into the house that I've just purchased and "The Sims 2 is no longer responding"

    I've tried running windows disk defrag on each of the drives I have and that doesn't seem to be making any difference to the issue that keeps occuring.

    The details of this system are as follows:

    AMD Athlon 1.34ghz, 512mb ram,
    Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2)
    Radeon 9600xt 256mb

    I meet all of the requirements to run this game (and I know it runs...because I've seen it when it was plugged in on the otherside of the desk!!) But, if anyone could help me it would mean so much to me!!!!

    Thankyou heaps.

    Ness :slurp:

    (I'm new to posting threads...I had some difficulty attaching the screen shot; but, this can be sent on request!)
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