help with upgreads HP m8000n

By thenewguy
Oct 5, 2007
  1. hello

    I am looking to upgrade my HP M8000N

    I want to boost the ram to 4gb and i want to upgrade to a 512mb Video card

    question number 1 concerns the ram. I believe the ram that is in my system is pc2 5200. I think it will support to 6400 would i notice the boost if i have 2 slots with 5200 and two slots with 6400 would i be better off replacing the 5200 and having every thing 6400. or cost wise would i just be better off buying 2gb of 5200 and calling it good. Are there any specific types or specs for the ram i am looking for

    the next question is about the video card. I understand if i want to upgrade to a decent video card i need to upgrade the power supply. I have been to and my head starts to spin looking at the vast list of power supples and video cards. what kind of PS do i need? How many watts? what kind of video card would be good a middle of the road video card?

    i don't want to speend allot o money, I am thinking between the ram PS and VC $300-$350 what would bee a good set up for me?

  2. Tmagic650

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    Windows Media Center PC- Windows Vista Home Premium
    On-board NVidia GeForce 6150SE
    500GB SATA Hard Drive

    Is this correct?

    Installed Size 2 GB / 4 GB(max) Technology DDR II SDRAM Upgrade rule (RAM) Max 2 x 2 GB module

    This says 4GB DDRII RAM max. I would suggest that you stick with using 2-2GB stock 533MHz DDRII modules. Proprietary motherboards are very picky about hardware.

    Make sure your power supply is strong enough to support the addition of a new video card
  3. thenewguy

    thenewguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i think the max amount of ram is 8gb but thats on a 64bit os
    but other then that every thing sound right

    So i need to buy HP RAM?

    on the power supply. how much power dose a typical 512mb video card consume? I guess i am also asking how do i know what type o power supply i need? are there different sizes and configurations neweegs got all kinds of types listed ie... ATX, ATX/BTX, ATX12V.........

    i would think being its a hp stock computer it would be a ATX.

  4. Tmagic650

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    4GB MAX does not mean 8GB will work does it? What planet are you on?

    I got this right from the HP site for your model, and no, you don't need to buy HP memory. Stick with buying (from anyone) 2-2GB DDRII 533MHz modules as HP recommends. You are working with a proprietary motherboard. It is not wize to make up your own specs for it.

    Look at the power supply that is in your HP and tell us what the wattage rating is
  5. thenewguy

    thenewguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

  6. Tmagic650

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    You forgot to include a very important detail... The sub model number RX881AA... There are 2 for this model system. At this time you are not running Vista 64-BIT are you?

    8GB DDRII 533 memory will be very expensive. You will have to use 2-4GB modules. You paid under $700 for this system didn't you?

    300 watts may not be enough. I think a standard 12 volt dual rails ATX 450 watt would be more up to the task
  7. thenewguy

    thenewguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am not running vista 64. I paid 849 about 7 months ago

    newegg has 8 2x1gb kits listed $59-75 the top 4 listed are corsair, Kingston, g skills and crucial. i am leaning to the g skill just because it has a heat spreader. is this a wise move is the heat spreader worth having? is g skill a good product?

    what does the dual rail refer to?
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