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By nymama
Oct 5, 2008
  1. :wave: i am haveing alot of problems with my comp.firist i have a dell dimension 3100 and lately i cannot download anything.cannot use my windows media player at all.tryed 2 download a fix but it wont let me.i was using my windows media player .i would listen to a certian radio station online,but now it wont let me.and as for downloading i cnat.cant even use my cd ram at all.wont play.please help me :(
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    Hi nymama :wave:. Welcome to Tech Spot

    This forum is for member introductions. You'll find you get better responses (and stay within Posting Guidelines) by posting in a technical forum (And start your own thread for your own problem. I see you also posted in someone else's thread)

    Please take a few minutes to review Posting Guidelines

    as well as Guide to Making a Good Post/Thread

    Then re-post in tech forum

    Enjoy your stay here!
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