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By Angelann
Apr 16, 2008
  1. Hi I'm new to this and my mom told me to post something to see if anyone out there can help me. I'm not really sure how to use this site but would appreciate any help I can get.

    The other day I updated my Spysweeper to the most recent version since I have a 2 year subscription so I thought it would be a good idea since I have over a year left. After the update my while Spysweeoer was scanning it said there was an error and needed to restart the computer.

    Later my computer desktop icons and menu bar (the one across the bottom of the screen) started flashing and freezing. Everything I click on flashes and disappears execpt when I have the internet up. After a while it stops flashing and freezes the whole computer and my mouse and keyboard do not work either.

    It just keeps getting worse on how often it flashes and freezes sometimes as soon as it comes up now.

    I managed to get in and remove my spysweeper this morning since contacting the company for help didn't work because I would never get trough. After removing the program it still does the same thing with the flashing icons and menu bar and everything else.

    I have no clue what to do and I need my computer for school.

    Any ideas of how to fix it or any possible help ideas?
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