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By gR33k
Feb 24, 2007
  1. hey guys,

    Need to to say hi as I always seem to end up using your wealth of knowledge to guide me through the "if you dont dont work now your out the window and i mean it!!" speech.
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. gR33k

    gR33k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Howard, pleased to be here.

    I have just read and digested your pointers prior to you goodself posting a reply.

    I will say that acrobat has raised the bar somewhat as to what is deemed to be a informative post.All i can say is wow!
  4. Tedster

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    Welcome. Be sure to read the FAQs in the guides forum and also at the top of each forum. 90% of questions are already answered there! take care and enjoy techspot. :)
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