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By gahannon
Aug 19, 2009
  1. I am an electronics maintenance tech who works in industry. At my location, I don't have much computer technical support. So, I thought that this site would be a valuable resource for computer and software problems that I encounter.
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    Thanks. I am trying to figure out how to post a technical question that I have concerning XP, SP2 on a Dell Latitude D620 laptop.It does not recognize my new Allen-Bradley USB to DH-485 Interface Converter , 1147-UICas a new hardware device. Thus, I can't load the necessary drivers for it to work. It worked on a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with the same operating system. The USB device is used to commuicate with Allen Bradley SLC 500.
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    You might want to try posting here...
    Unfortunately, the only thing I've ever hooked up to a PLC is the 'calculator' type programmer.
    Have you contacted your Allen Bradley distributor about this?
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    USB problem

    No. I haven't contacted Allen Bradley yet. My company has their software installed on some computers that we have bought and it is on this computer that the device isn't recognized as being new hardware. It works on the other Dell computer without the company's software. I don't know if it is a Microsoft problem or something that my company's software could be blocking. But, other new USB devices have been recognized as new hardware. I tried a new USB to serial converter yesterday and the computer recognized it as being new and asked for the software as I have seen before.
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