Hi everyone - thank you for being here

By cbrownlow
Nov 18, 2008
  1. I was going to post a message requesting help, but after reading all the advice on this board, I was able to fix (cross fingers) my PC already.

    I had been hit with the dreaded red circle white x virus (is there actually a name for it?). I have tried all the steps and only HJT worked. Actually, HJT didn't work at first either until I read on here to change the name, so I did. I was able to get a log file. However, I couldn't get SAS or mbam to install. I did run ccleaner, but that didn't pick anything up. I had spybot s&d on my pc at the time it hit, but it disabled it and I can couldn't get it to run. It also disabled my firewall and virus program. I activated both again, but I AVG wouldn't run. Also the firewall kept turning off as well.

    It was blocking all efforts to get to any website that has anything to do with software to remove it. The message I got was HTTP file not found 404. I was able to download most of the spyware programs to a flash drive on my laptop and install what I could on the desk top, but most either did nothing or started downloading and then just shut down. I was going down the list of things to try when I got to ComboFix. I ran it the first time and it said it found a ? rootkit file? and it needed to shut windows down. When it restarted I had to start ComboFIx again and then it went through the auto run process. It detected and deleted a bunch of files including a brastk.exe file. Then it rebooted and said it was creating a log file. Now the x is gone and it seems I'm back in business.

    I'm going to run all the spyware/malware programs that I couldn't access earlier to see if anything else is picked up. Thank you guys for this board - I would never have been able to fix this without all your knowledge!
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