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By victosta
Jan 20, 2010
  1. HDD problem.
    OS: W XP
    I bought a 1 TB HDD, SATA II Samsung made, I mounted it as USB mass storage. The OS didn't see it. Aha, it is unformatted. Then, I mounted it as internal HDD and succeeded to partition and format it with the W XP tools. The first partitiom was FAT 32 and the following NTFS.
    It worked perfectly as an internal HDD. Then, I installed it in a USB port again and it didn't work. That means, the device manager sees it as an USB mass storage device, but in the explorer or in MyComputer, Explore there is no drive letter seen. I suppose it is a FAT problem. What do you think ? I mention I have another HDDs of the same dimension or less that work perfectly as USB on the same computer, but I bought them ready formatted and partitioned.
    I'd be very glad to receive help from somebody more experienced.
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