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By fatmama1994
Nov 26, 2008
  1. if you have a problem with a 34 minute hiccup on windows xp, i can help. I dealt with this for 3 days straight and couldnt take it any more. But its simple if you have your xp resource cd. When your computer boots at the dell screen push F12 until you get to your screen for IDE. Scroll to IDE push enter and keep pushing enter until it goes to your options for new format.Dont try the repair option it wont work. Follow the instructions until you get to the partition screens. Delete all partitions on the screen. After they have been deleted push c to create a new one and then follow the same procedures you did when you tried to reformat. It worked for me and also fixed my errors that wouldnt allow me to download after 34 minutes. Remember to put your resorce CD in the computer before you shut it down and do not take it out through this whole procedure.
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