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By osram
Dec 8, 2005
  1. well i am 21 years old living in switzerland near the german border.

    i work most of the time, and in my spare time i keep struggling with my computer which doesnt work at all and is absolutely messed up hardware-wise. naturally i also keep doing other things as im not very interested in spending 4 or more hours of my spare time every evening without any result.

    i am also doing graphics and webdesign related stuff beside my job.. and i am involved in a social project which will probably change social structures for poor people.. and crack in like a bomb.

    actually my system never worked as nice as it does now. (at least concerning desktop/office/2D applications.)

    my only problem is that its messing up totally when trying to play a medium/high detailed 3d-game. strangely enough sim city4, which uses direct 3d too, for instance.. works.. but the others dont. ive alrdy wasted a 2600+ amd processor.

    and i feel like getting mad soon.

    i hope to find a general solution in here as i cant think of finding an answer in any other place. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM! (we are living in a world of pain.)

    feel free to answer the thread, and have a nice time.

    "BSOD on any 3d Game"

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