Hi there, in the rest of the world, from s-w France. (born in Amsterdam however) prob

By Pjotr1
Oct 3, 2009
  1. Since a couple of weeks I encounter the following problem: when trying to open WMP11, I only get the bottom icon, the mainscreen won't open. I went back to the basics, and found out that there were rests of WMP10, even 9 in the Dutch language (former OS, now using XP prof. English, nobody understands Dutch here in France....)
    And now the stange thing: these restfiles won't let themselves be removed. No Windows software, nor boght uninstallers, nor free uninstallers, nor my bought Registry Mechanic can change that. Before reinstalling my whole XP Pro, and making a lot of trouble (copying all the programs, moving stuff etc.), is there anyone who can tell me how to remove this old stuff, cause I think that's what's bothering the WMP11 for opening normally.
    For the momnet I am using another MediaPlayer, but the problem intreagues me.
    However, afraid of damaging the registry by removing stuff manually.(if I knew what to look for)
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