High Ping Problems on Steam Game

By simonj85
Apr 21, 2010
  1. I play Steam DOD Source and in the past usually had a ping of 72. Recently I have started getting pings of 300-400 as a result the game is impossible to play.
    My computer was old so I got a new HP with:
    PhenomII-X4-820 2.8G
    Evora 1GB video card
    I still have the lag issue.
    I have a DSL connection and usually I get 2meg down I check it at Speakeasy.
    I altered my config game file as follows:
    type mat_queue_mode 2
    rate 50000
    cl_updaterate 101
    cmd_rate 100
    NO effect. I also tried setting the Steam.exe priority to low still no effect.
    When the ping issue happens it seems to happen for ALL Steam servers ie if I search for games based on latency they are all 300-400.
    I have tried turning of my firewall etc. no effect.
    I tried Game Booster - turning off all background programs no effect.
    It’s a brand new computer – no spyware, viruses etc.
    I have no problems with normal browsing however I tried to ping the game server I normally use and it timed out?
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you
  2. poertner_1274

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    Are you connecting to the same server all the time, or just random servers? You might need to find one that is closer to your location and the ping should be lower.

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