Hijackthis scan on my PC

By Max354
Jan 29, 2010
  1. Okay im not really sure what hijackthis does but i figure its from removing unwanted trojans and viruses and such so i did a scan hopping to fix my comp!

    So my problem is i "think" i have a trojan or something along those lines somehow using my net because sometimes when my comp is connected to the net no one ells gets any bandwidth and i have strange things in my processes like svchost.exe x8

    1 of the svchost.exe User Name SYSTEM is using 28,100k and the other 7 are using between 1,000k - 3,000k

    there is
    svchost.exe User Name SYSTEM x 4
    svchost.exe User Name LOCAL SERVICE x 2
    svchost.exe User Name NETWORK SERVICE x2

    also when i have chrome.exe running (google chrome browser) i have 4 chrome.exe in my processes not sure if that normal but i cant remember it being like that before!:(

    In my scan file Linage 2 (l2something) is a game you will see a lot in the scan i was playing a Private server the patcher might have had a trojan in it or what ever

    hope to hear from you! :)

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