By Kingjd7
Dec 21, 2007
  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums and I need some help. I have a Emachines T3103 with a k8m-800m mobo, and i'm trying to reinstall xp/w sp2 on it. The problem is after I install xp I need the disk in the optical drive to get windows to star up. I mean, I can get as far as the start up screen but when windows goes to show the screen with the icons, it just goes to a half black half grey screen. When I have the xp disk in, it stars up just like it should. I have tried to install a couple of versions of xp on a couple of hard drives and I always have the same problem. I think it has to be the mobo. If any one has any solutions please help.
  2. johnhenry

    johnhenry TS Rookie Posts: 69

    "half black half grey screen"

    Sounds like a video card issue. Try installing new driver for the video card, lor onboard video chip.
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