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By zacy
Mar 7, 2005
  1. :confused: I have a K7 M825G motherboard & a AMD 2300+ CPU & also a new case. I have put this together which makes my third pc I ever put together. Two are working fine , but this one I am having some problems with I hook the monitor to the pc and on the screen reads "video cable connected?" too which the monitor works just fine. The cooling fans & the CPU fan comes on but no beeps sonds like the hard drive & floppy don't even work.What could it be???
  2. isatippy

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    So what is your problem it won't boot or what. :bounce:
  3. zacy

    zacy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    no it will not boot
  4. zacy

    zacy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry I'm new at this , but it will not boot
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    Reseat all cards and memory. Check ALL cables on both ends, check that you used thermal paste between CPU and cooler. Check voltage on the PSU (115v in USA mostly, 220-240v Europe mostly).
  6. joemamasuka

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    Similar situation

    You might have a bad ATI card. By no means am I an expert but try pulling the card and running video from the onboard VGA. 512Mram should be plenty. Just a test not the solution for the game requirements.

    Just replaced a TUW-LA with a m825G and Sempron in a Presario 6300us and now will not boot into windows. Tried using original recovery CD's and message is "These system recovery CD's do NOT support this Compaq pc model.

    Tech Spot guys/gals...HELP
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