How can I connect 2 power supplies to a single motherboard?

By dedpresident
Dec 22, 2004
  1. I want to make it so that one power supply feeds the hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy, etc, and the other one goes straight to the motherboard. I figure if I do that I'll be able to get some more juice out of my speakers without having to get an amp.
  2. I was going to do this when all the computers I had were AT systems and run the other PSU of the power lead that would normally go to the Monitor. Now I just plug the computer into the stereo :wave:
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    if you think that if useing 2 power supplies is going to make your speakers louder, you obviously no nothing about sound, just get a power suplly that adds up to the size of the 2 you were going to use, +more voltage or current dose not add up to more power from your speakers,(daaa) all speakers have an output wattage, therefore can only go so loud , please read up on things before posting such a silly and nieve question, no offence....

    :knock: :cool:
  4. My intension was to power my CDRW + DVDrom with a separate PSU and I wouldnt need to run the second PSU unless I was using the CD devices eg use a small PSU just to power the HD, Mobo + floppy when surfing the Web= less power usage
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    Attaching a second PSU is OK but it won't be able to be attached to the motherboard. It only has one ATX connector.

    You can use a secodn PSU that is independant of the motherboard to power FANS and other devices but like others have said it's not going to boost your speakers - that's just stupid.

    MAKE A PSU JUMPER - PSU Independant of MOBO

    * get some 18 Gauge solid core wire (Radio Shack or steal it from other scrap you might have) and cut yourself a little 2 inch piece and strips off both ends. we'll call it a jumper.

    * Locate the green lead on your ATX power connector. ( The large mobo plug )

    * insert one end of your jumper into the pin connector that corresponds to the green lead. Insert the other end of the jumper to any pin connector that has a black lead.

    Now you can plug your PSU to an electrical source and power up any system components you wish. I will be Motherboard independant.
  7. you will have to be carefull not to blow things up it may be easier than you think puke: :dead:
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