How can I share internet on three computers and wireless laptop?

By MnBear69
Jan 25, 2005
  1. Currently I have Broadband Cable Internet. I use a Cable Modem and a Router. The Cable Modem is in the basement. I have a Linksys Router down there. I ran an ethernet cable from the Modem to the WAN of the Linksys. I ran an ethernet cable to the Nic card of the Basment computer from port 1. I am gettomg the internet fine down there. I have run a long eithernet cable from the Linksys port two up to second floor. Here's my problem. I have two computers up there. I bought another router, a US Robotics. I thought I could run the ethernet cable into one of the ports and then hook up the other two computers using two of the open three ports. It is not working. I can only get one computer up on the internet, the second one won't connect. They will both work if I disconnect the basement computer but for some reason I can't seem to get all three up at the same time. It's the same deal with my laptop. I can use the D-LINK and it will find the US Robitics wireless router but only if two of the other computers are not connected to the router. Any Ideas on what I'm doing wrong or what I could do to make this work?
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    See a previous post

    You're not setting up the routers correctly. You may want to read through another post which dealt with a problem similar to yours ( ).

    Your two routers solution was probably overkill but should be workable. One wireless router plus one 5 or 8 port fast Ethernet switch would have been your best setup. These switches are very inexpensive. I would have put the wireless router in the basement and a network switch on the 2nd floor.

    For your two router solution check out the previous post.
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