How do I Exit MSN Messenger ?

By starvista9
Jan 28, 2005
  1. When my PC starts up MSN messenger starts up. I don't use MSN messenger, but I do you use MSN Explorer to check my Hotmail. I can exit MSN Explorer in the system tray ok, but when I right click on the messenger icon in the system tray and choose "exit messenger" I get a message telling me that messenger is in use by another program.

    When I look for Messenger in the start up tab (run>msconfig>startup) Im un-sure what to uncheck.
  2. xChuck

    xChuck TS Rookie

    This should do it

    In MSN messenger, find the "Options" in one of the file menus (File, Edit, etc). Once in options, click the "Preferences" tab. There should be a checkbox selected that says something like "Start MSN Messenger on Windows Startup." Uncheck that, and exit out of MSN Messenger completely by right clicking on the system tray icon and clicking exit or quit (I just had to do this same thing myself).

    That should do it. On your next startup, MSN Messenger should be gone.
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