How do I force delete a file no matter what significance?

By Alpha Dragon
Apr 8, 2005
  1. I don't care if this file is the catalyst to run my entire OS. I want it gone.

    - The file is called spyware_blocker_defs_b462
    - Properties show it is .exe, but it does not act like one
    - It is just nothing but a bunch of useless spyware definitions
    - I downloaded from earthlink site, but I will not be using their spyware program
    - When I attempt to delete this program an error message states the program is in use by another person or program and that I need to shut down the program running it
    - I have no idea what program is running/depending on it
    - I tried MOVING the file into 2 other directories, where it copied itself (didn't act like a cut'n'paste) and now those copies cannot be deleted
    - The file cannot be renamed :eek:

    As I say, I do not care how important this file is. It is junk, I would like it perma deleted. Is there anything I can do? Thx.


    I do not see a way to remove my post, as I never thought I would have found a solution so quickly, or at all. I guess I just got lucky and found a good program, one that is redicously powerful I might add :slurp: . Anyways, I used Dr. Delete 1.1. The 2 copied files were deleted using the 'delete file by DOS command.' That was my original intent but it is a pain, yet this program made it pathetically easy. But the original copy of the file was even more stubborn, so I had Dr. Delete expunge the file upon start up...PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
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