How does a geforce256 ddr compare with geforce 2mx ?

By jw_ian
Mar 5, 2003
  1. How does a geforce256 ddr compare with geforce 2mx ? I have heard some say that the ddr makes the '256' quicker than the geforce 2 mx but some others say that the geforce 2 mx's more advanced features make it faster. I now have the oppurtunity to swap my geforce 2 mx for a geforce 256 as a favour from a buddy. Is this worth doing? Thanks!

    My pc has a pentium III 800 processor if it makes a difference...
  2. negroplasty

    negroplasty TS Guru Posts: 516   +12

    Which card in the GeForce 2 MX series are you referring to? I would say that the GF2 MX400 is better as it is a DX7 card, and the GF256 DDR is only a DX6; things like this do make a lot of difference. The GF2 MX400 has also got higher clock speeds and significantly higher performance. I would recommend that you stick with your GF2 (if it is the MX200 or MX version, I'm not sure if either are better performing than the GF256), the sites I was looking through were PcStats, NVIDIA and FiringSquad. Do a little more research on this topic before you make your decision as I am not sure the information I have provided is solid (apart from NVIDIA's), Good Luck :grinthumb.
  3. DaveSylvia

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    A Geforce DDR will have double the memory bandwidth of a Geforce2 MX. This does not mean it will have double the performance. However, it does mean that its performance will be better.
  4. Svoboda

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    I have used both of those cards, and really the two seem to have no noticeable difference.
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