How hot is your Athlon 64????

By vegasgmc
Aug 29, 2005
  1. I had a 3200 Newcastle that idled at 36*c and got up to 45* under load. I just upgraded to a 3400 Newcastle and it idles at 47* and gets up to 60* under load. That seems really high. Im using an Arctic Super Silent 4 that isnt so silent with this new chip.
  2. gamingguy27

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    Dont worry at all, anything below 70C is considerd "safe", my newcastle idles at 34C and goes up to 49C under load.

    If your really worried about temps then its better to try and improve the air circulation in your case. To do this you need intake fans at the front of your case (preferably at the bottom) and exhuast fans at the back of your case (preferably at the back). Small things help as well like ehaust blowers or extra forms of air circulation like the Antec Vcool (draws in air via a pci slot).

    And the thermal paste your using takes about 150-200 hours to settle, over that period you will see a 1-10C change in temp.

  3. vnf4ultra

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    My 3000+ winchester @ 2.45ghz idles at 33-35C and at load about 48-50C with the stock amd cooler with just the thermal pad. Temps taken from mbm5.
  4. DonNagual

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    My 3700 SanDiego is 35-37 idle and 43-45 load with stock cooler and thermal goo.

    One 12inch blowing out the back, and one 8inch blowing directly on the CPU via special duct. No front case fan (I like things QUIET).
  5. vegasgmc

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    I did some research and it turns out the 3400's tend to run hot. Guess I'll got back to the 3200. It ran in the 30's when OC'd to 2500mhz and the fans stayed very quiet.
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