How to burn movies faster

By groovemaster1
Jul 6, 2006
  1. Biostar M7VIZ 8.0
    Sempron 2400 1.66GHz
    XP PRO
    Nero 6.6 Ultra
    256MB RAM
    Geforce FX5200
    Cmedia PCI sound
    56K Modem

    I've heard about PPL who burn movies(DVD) in 5 mins. It takes me 13 mins @ 4x & 10 mins @ 6x on a liteon dvdrw sohw832s anything faster won't show & freezes. Do I need a SATA HDD, faster MOBO & CPU, more RAM, 16X DVD burner..........a whole new system? Please tell me what to do to burn dvd's in 5mins.
  2. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    The speed of burning DVDs are affected by 2 things:

    1) the rate at which the HD can supply data

    2) the speed at which the DVD Writer can burn data.

    If the HD can't give the info quick enough, then burning speed will be affected. Personally, I don;t think you need to worry, it takes me more then 15 mins to burn 4 gig, and its not a big deal. But, you could prolly benefit from at least 512 MB RAM, and changing the whole system to burn dvds faster is too drastic.
  3. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    another factor in burning speed is is media quality. dont use cheapo generic, house brands or memorex media. what brand burner do you have?
  4. groovemaster1

    groovemaster1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Liteon DVDRW SOHW 832S. I started using HP DVD+R's then Benq DVD-R's with the pink splash & then I bought a 50pk printable benq dvd-r that smelled real bad & freezes alot, only about 15 worked good & most recently Ridata Ritek go5 or something like that that worked fine until I had to reinstall XP without SP2, now the drive just spins & make noise when I put it in, but sometimes it works. So I have to stick with the pink splash Benq DVD-R. Nero actually sees it as a sony blank.
    That aside... if I upgrade with SATA HDD's will it make a difference in burning speeds?
    Thanks guys!!!!!!
  5. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    The 832 is an older burner. have you ever updated the firmware? that could be another source of your problem.

    And NO, going to sata drives will not make a difference in burn speed.
  6. groovemaster1

    groovemaster1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I bought it with VSOB then flashed to VSOE & when I met the prob I flashed to VSOM, but it didn't solve the prob :(. I guess it's really the blanks. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!
  7. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Use high quality media and you should be alright burning at 6x


  8. IBN

    IBN TS Maniac Posts: 487

    Your RAM is letting you down. It really should be 512MB if you can.
  9. groovemaster1

    groovemaster1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Using Benq dvd-r 8x blanks (With the pink splash) I can burn dvd movies @ 6x from my HDD & it shows great. In my ignorance I never thought RAM had anything to do with burning dvd's. THANKS!!! Can U explain more how more RAM helps :(
  10. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    I can copy and burn in 3mins with plextor drive. I think maybe your drive has seen better days and upgrade to a high quilty bunner. Go to and find the bunner that fits your needs (the one that burns at your perfences).
  11. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Just buy another 256 RAM stick. This should cost around $30

    "Random Access Memory, the volatile memory used to temporarily store information for processing. This is the fastest type of memory for the computer, and the most expensive."


  12. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Yea, but you don't need that much ram bunning at 6x. It would be though a great investment to your all around computer experiance.
  13. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Crossfire, on one of my threads you said "look at your name then slowly look to the left on the same eye level" what do you mean by that?


  14. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    If you're burning from say, mpeg2 file to a dvd movie native (VOB) files onto a dvd burner, the factors that determine how long it takes usualy is the file length, high/low definitions or quality of both audio and video, and the hardware as mentioned above posts..

    If its from an already made image, ready made file or DVD>DVD copy then the hardware still plays a bit, but also your media quality as mentioned above and its maximum writing speed in combination to your burner's max speed as well. But remember, the higher you go, the more you are likely to encounter errors.

    Personaly, if it was a movie from scratch that needs to be encoded to dvd, i use the nero "image recorder" to create an image from Recode/NeroVision etc then burn it to the dvds with the images.. saves heaps of time if you decide to do multiples of them at one go..
  15. groovemaster1

    groovemaster1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a million guys :)
  16. groovemaster1

    groovemaster1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's $30US x $6.5TT = $195TT. (A dollar is a dollar in USA but multiplied by 6 in Trinidad), plus those unscrupulous local pc stores have to add $50 or even $90 to imported products :( !!!
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