How to increase my FPC as much as posible.

By Lazila28
Jun 16, 2008
  1. ok, i have a Advent T9201 pc ;


    CPU == Intel Pentium 4 3.4E GHz HT (Prescott)

    BIOS == Phoenix-Award BIOS.

    Motherboard == TG 865PE

    Memory == 512 MB DDR RAM - PC3200

    Hard Drive == 250GB Western Digital WD2500JD

    Video Card == ATi Radeon 9550 256MB

    Sound Card == Realtek AC'97 audio

    Network Card == Realtek 8139 / 810x (Onboard)


    and i play The elder scrolls 4 : oblivion and i would like to know how to increase my FPS or any other things i might be able to do to make the game run more smooth.... i tried a tweaking site but didnt really work, or i did it wrong =/

    Help is very appreciated

    Also im not very good with computer stuff so could you try explain as simply as posible.

    Tnx ^^
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