how to make vpn computer to browse local resources

By javastring
Oct 21, 2005
  1. guys need help...

    my computer A is connected through VPN to my LAN at home (Computer B & C)
    thorugh VPN i can ping from A to B
    I can only access resources from A to B when i turn OFF firewall on B
    On my LAN i can access resources from C to B without turning OFF firewall on B

    So my question is if A is virtually connected to LAN why do i need to turn OFF firewall? by the way VPN ends on my LAN at my router.

    is there any way i can do any changes in B's firewall to allow access from A(VPN computer)?

    B(on LAN) windows 2003
    A(VPN) xp pro
    C(on LAN) xp pro

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