how to remove an unused printer driver? Solved.

By gbhall
Jan 25, 2007
  1. Windows 2K. I tried to install an HP printer driver from a network location, and after the install it just says 'unable to install'. I've seen this before - there is something stupid about installing print drivers under a Novell client.

    So I installed another compatible driver which is in the list of standard printers.

    Problem is, something in the failed driver tries to reference something else ('entry point not found in spoolss.dll') at every cold boot, even though there is no reference to it that I can find.

    Can anyone help in finding and deleting unused printer drivers?

    OK I found the answer. It is a known bug in certain HP drivers which try to install a monitoring system for the printer called HPBMMON.DLL or something. It is buggy in several ways, not least that it fails to install, but does install if you follow me...

    You need to delete a registry entry.
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