How to remove PrivDog

By stevow
Sep 27, 2015
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  1. I guess I'm in the right thread.
    HP g6 Pavillion Notebook
    windows 7 home premium with all updates current.

    2 things:
    Upon start up the window tells me that PrivDog is running and slowing my browsing at .9 sec I think it said.
    Now I thought I had removed it some time ago, but here's the strange thing: I just went to Control Panel and hit uninstall, but it says it's already uninstalled. To play it safe, I will not use a 3rd party (tech?) site that say's "Click here to completely remove PrivDog." I will, however, trust this site if I'm given a link :)

    #2) I just saw a highlight to Update Magic Desktop (Magic Desktop..huh?) I looked into it.....for kids safe search apparently. I don't need this and not sure if or when I allowed it to install. My son was 14 when I bought this laptop, so maybe then I allowed it.
    If I remove it will it foul up my Operating System? I doubt it, but I ask this because some website mentioned something about this and it wasn't completely clear in my mind just what they meant.

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. stevow

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    Thank u so much! Now what about the 2nd Q regards to Magic Desktop? I had read it may foul up my OS if I remove it. I tend the think that's the sites way of using their method. I'm not totally sure just what it is for sure or how it ended up on my laptop.
  4. Tmagic650

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