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Jun 1, 2006
  1. I have a a few computers for my small business, and I find it a pain that when one computer password expires I have to repeat the process on every computer on my network. This is because they are all part of the same workgroup instead of a domain. If possible I would like to switch them over to a domain but I don't have any servers on location. Can this be done using ann online service? Any suggestions besides other than actually buyiing a server.

    Thanks for any input you can provide.
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    I know that you've asked for replies which would not involve a server, but that would mean that you would get no replies. It's the nature of Windows domains to require a Domain Controller (DC). This requires a server. An ultra cheap workstation would suffice for an NT 4.0 domain. An Active Directory domain will require Windows 2000/2003 and a more powerful computer. Sorry.

    Optionally, you could change the workstation policies to disable password expiry.

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    You most certainly need some kind of a server to have a domain.

    And old Pentium running Samba will work as a DC too and will cost a lot less (nothing) than a new server with Windows+licenses.
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    thank you all. for your feedbacks
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    do you need a server per se?
    maybe try own a domain name or use the ip address given to you by your provider the main pc ip address may work
    your passwords can be made not to expire see users and groups mmc plugin
    apache is the eayest to setup if you realy want a server type environment
    htaccess may be a little more complicated this sets the groups ,users and passwords
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