How to use ASR if floppy drive and original windows CD is not available?

By anoopchand
Jun 27, 2005
  1. Can anybody tell me how can I use the automated System Recovery in Win XP Pro as I am not having a floppy drive (I dont hav that old age storage stuff in my Notebook :giddy: ) and I don't hav a Windows XP CD also (but I hav the setup files in my HD) ? Can I use the features available in Windows XP CD with only the setup files?

    :confused: :suspiciou :(
  2. mgorbach

    mgorbach TS Rookie

    Umm .. tricky. I think you migth be able to do it by modifying the boot.ini, but if you windows system does not boot ur gonan have trouble modifying the boot.ini. Try burning some kindof a bootcd that will let you access NTFS partition, and from there executing ASR maybe.
  3. anoopchand

    anoopchand TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can I restore my Windows installation and other files from the ASR Backup, after formatting the windows drive?
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